Saturday, March 31, 2012

the decision

so i have good news and bad news. often, when people say that phrase, they follow it up with this question, "which one do you want to hear first?" i've given it some thought, and i think it's better to hear the bad news first. that way, the good news can potentially soften the blow of the bad news. if you hear the good news first, then the bad news has the potential to completely wreck the happiness from the good news. of course, that's just my opinion. and in this case, whether the news is good or bad depends on which side of the atlantic you live on.

so without further adieu, here is the news: after much prayer and consideration, i will be finishing out my contract this summer and returning stateside. if you read my previous post, then you know that this was not an easy decision to make. people say that home is where the heart is. well i've got two homes, both with people that i love and cherish, and both with their different ways of life and corresponding advantages and disadvantages.

if you're from my home in america, i'm excited to see you again soon. mom and dad, i'm so excited to see you in person, and not just over skype where your images often freeze in the strangest ways. mr. dog, you know that i am most definitely excited to see you and snuggle with your furry softness. friends, i'm excited to meet your new significant others, husbands, and/or babies and catch up over highly addictive caffeinated beverages. church family, i'm excited to worship with you again.

if you're from my more recent home in czech, my heart breaks to leave you. but i want you to know that i'll never fully leave. a part of me will remain here forever (and i'm not talking about that lost sock that will probably be a permanent resident of our flat since i can't seem to find it). the past two years with you have been some of the most encouraging, challenging, and growing experiences of my life. thank you for teaching me, for being patient with me, and for allowing me into your lives. now this isn't goodbye, so don't get all sappy. instead, let's enjoy the last few months we have together before we have to say "see you later." we can cry then. i know i will.

and now, good news for everyone! my parents are coming to czech! after showing and describing lots of pictures and many discussions of who is who and what is what, they will finally get to experience czech in person, and i'm so ridiculously excited to share my 2nd home with them. they are arriving in prague on august 3rd and my goal is to bring them to church in ostrava on the 5th. *you cb'ers better mark your calendars so that i can introduce you to my family!* after some time in ostrava and prague, we'll be flying back home as a family on august 13th. i don't even want to think about all the heavy suitcases, but i'm glad we can do it together.

one last note: i want to give a big shout-out to everyone who has supported me financially these past two years with teachoverseas. all the necessary funds have been raised (including the cost of my flight back to indiana-land), and i am beyond joyful and grateful to you and the sacrifices you have made to allow me to be here. thank you!!

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  1. So happy for you Ashley! So very excited to see you once again too! I know just having Caitlin back in Decatur (and she was just 2 1/2 hrs from home) is a Godsend! I know you have grown so close to your family there as well and your heart will have a hole it when you leave. But what you leave with will be awesome love and compassion for these new friends. I'm thrilled your parents will get to see how you have spent your last few years away from home and I'm sure they will "get it" as to why you wanted to stay as long as you did. God bless you for following His leading and seriously can't wait to see you again! Lori Landis